We are a group of students of year 5 in the school Jacint Verdaguer Pallejà. We are studying the unit 3 "awesome animals", and we want to show you what we have learnt during the sessions.


We have looked for some information about strange animals in the world. We have learnt things about their lifestyle and their places in the world. All of them are really interesting!


Some of us we have made a video to show you our new knowledge about this topic! 


We hope you like it 😀

year 5


Carla, Abril and Carolina


The black lion he lived in the okovango African forest Okavango. The Okavango is a long African river, the Okavango is about 1,600 km long. The black lion is black and the name is there, his eyes are light brown.

The black lion existed but was extinguished by hunting.

But the black lion went extinct by hunting.The black lion is carnivorous he eats  zebras, giraffes…

Eat the same as a normal lion.



The the white tiger lives in Asia or can also live in India and in snowy mountains, the capital of India is new delhi, and Asia dosen’t have capital because it is a continent.

It is considered as a carnivorous species, we are talking about a wild-type diet that is based on wild boars, deer and even buffalo that are very young which they obtain through hunting.


Both are the same they are carnivores… They both live very close to where each of them is, we believe that the white tiger you can have the white tiger in a zoo but the black lion not because it is very bad and because it is extinct.



Babirussa and elephodus cephalophus - Jana, Núria & Catherine

The babirusa lives in Wallacea, or specially in the Indonesian islands. It eats fruits, small invertebrate insects, specially worms, mushrooms and leaves. This animal is usually solitary even though it sometimes lives in small groups. This animal is in danger of extinction and are cataloged as threatened by the international union for the conservation of nature.😀

The elaphandus cephalophus lives in northeastern Bismania and southern China. They live in wooded regions and high altitudes, near water. They are usually lonely. They eat leaves, twigs, fruits and other types of vegetation. Is endangered.😲


If you compare the two animals, the first thing you see is that the babirusa is smaller than the elaphandus cephalophus and another comparison is that the first animal has horns and the other does not.😮

 Here you have some videos to watch in youtube:


Claudia, Nikol, Amaia




There are 2 species of beaver, the beaver of North America and the Beaver Eurasian.

Beavers do not live in dams, they build 2 different types of structures. Create an extensive country house.

The beaver is a vegetarian who eats not only aquatic plants, but also twigs, leaves and soft branches of all kinds of trees.


What I think is interesting is that beavers are very hardworking as most of the rodents, also that beaver is a fairly active animal and finally that the beaver of North America can be found during a large part of the continent.




Called inhabit mainly in the area of the Altiplano of Argentina, although I can find in other countries how Peru Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia.

They are grouped into herbivorous animals. This refers to the base of their feeding are herbs, sprouts of trees and all kinds of leaves.



the platypus is an strange animal.
The platypus is a mammal animal and of the few that are also benevolent.
The males have a spur on the hind legs that releases a poison capable of producing intense pain to humans.
It has a long white snout similar to the ducks' bill, with the difference that ducks are hard; its waterproof, short and thick hair allows it to acclimatise quickly when it leaves the water; its beaver tail is long and flat, it stores fat that serves as a reserve of energy. It feeds on plants that are born in the bottom of the rivers.


Sofia and Martí

The aardwolf is a rare animal that lives in Africa. He lives in the savanna. It’s a feline. It eats insects, mainly termites – one aardwolf can eat about 250,000 termites during a single night.  He uses his sticky tongue to capture them. This animal is very rare because it is half hyena half wild dog and has a lot of hair.





Here you have a video with more information:


Sofia & Marti

The licaon is a wild dog and it’s half wolf and half dog. He lives in South Africa in the savanna. Africa is a continent.


He’s  carnivorous. He eats: antelopes, zebras, impalas…  The licaon hunts in herd.


He eats every day. This is how they hunt:


First: A licaon goes to the other side of the animal they want to hunt to begin surrounding it.



Second:  then all the other licaons go to surround the animals so they do not escape.

And third-  When the deers are running away they all go for one and hunt it.



The licaon is interessing because it’s a rare animal and it’s beautiful.

This is an african wild wolf puppy.

Here you have a video with more information:

Comparative Licaon and Proteles



The licaon has got bigger and more rounded ears than the aardwolf.


The aardwolf has got longer tail than licaon.


The licaon is heavier than the aardwolf.


The aardwolf lives longer than licaon.


They are both mammals. The aardwolf are more familiar to felines than licaons. Licaons are closer to dogs than aardwolf.

Here you have our video to watch:


Bernat, Gerardo and Pol



Tasmanian devils is small marsupials with rat like features, sharp teeth and  black and brown fur.

The Tasmanian devil is just 20 to 31 inches (51 to 79 centimeters) tall and weighs only 9 to 26 lbs. (4 to 12 kilograms).




The Roadrunner  is one of the few animals fastest in the world The Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus) is native to the Southwestern desert and gained its name from its habit of running on the road towards cars.




Here you have some videos to watch:

Here you have our video to watch:

Gabriel and Marc


It is common to see raven in Europe and Africa. They live in countries like England, Ireland or Spain. They can be seen even in the Arctic. The place where raven live is permanent since they are not migratory birds. They create nests in a single place and always remain around it. They are not in danger of extinction, but in some areas their population has declined considerably.

The raven lives by those places that it is easy to find food.

The animals of the type of the raven, are the ones that eat of all the foods and they are called with the name of animals Omnivores (that eat plants and meat).

Normally the crows in their daily life go in search of food alone.

It may seem strange, but one of the characteristics of the crow is that they can imitate the human voice and even repeat some words.

Its weight can also hover in adult age from 1 kg to 2 kg and its life expectancy, ranges between 11 and 15 years, provided it is a free specimen.

The size of the crows varies according to their species. The common raven, for example, measures between 54 and 67 centimeters in length.


The place where the lynx live defines, among other things, their physical characteristics, so far 4 different species of lynx are known; these cats, which many people sometimes confuse with the wildcat, have versatility to adapt to a specific habit, this has resulted in the conservation of their species over the years, although the destruction of the ecosystem has harmed also these carnivorous mammals.

In spite of being a very specialized carnivore, it also presents a typical food profile of herbivores, which has to do with genes to use both meat and  plants food as a food source. In other words, its intestinal genetic capacity is a hybrid of carnivore and herbivore.

Normally the lynx in its daily life always looks for prey to eat them and devour them to taste without anyone bothering him.

The average life expectancy of the Iberian lynx is about 15 years. Unfortunately, it is in danger of extinction, leaving only about 300 specimens, distributed among the population of Andalusia and Montes de Toledo. These places are large extensions of territory or natural parks.The fur has different shades according to the species and subspecies concerned. The Canadian and Eurasian lynxes oscillate between brown and yellowish, developing a longer and grayish coat in winter. The Iberian lynx is brown while the red lynx, as the name suggests, has a reddish-brown mantle. The four species have spots and rays whose density varies according to the individuals. The largest species is Eurasian, which can reach 30 kg in weight, and the smallest Iberian, which rarely reaches 20 kg.


Carlos and Aleix

The maltese tiger is known as a tiger mutation of the color that some tigers could have. It is said that they have a bluish skin with dark gray stripes.They are originally from Fujiam China.The capital of this country is called Pequin is one of the four municipalities that make up the People's Republic of China.


Right now it is not known where they live but they have been seen in the mountains, they are carnivorous, and you do not know how is its day to day in its lifes.


It is interesting because it is a very mysterious animal, very beautiful and very rare as well.


The white wolf is a mammal, it is also known as polar wolf or arctic wolf. White wolves are usually smaller than the original wolf. They are originally from Arctic Islands of Canada and the North and East Coasts of Greenland, mainly in the arctic. The Arctic is the area around the North Pole.


They are carnivorous ,hunt in herd and almost always their prey are caribou and musk oxen. In its life, the white wolf is always in a herd very alert for possible predators and to find places to rest like caves.

This animal is interesting because it is very beautiful, it is very intelligent, very fierce and when they are born, they have gray hair. As they get older they change to white.


The maltese tiger is bigger than a white wolve.


The white wolf is better known than the Maltese tiger.


The two of them are strange animals.

Here you have our video to watch:

Squid worm and shoebill two strange animals in the world.

Richard and Erik


The squid worm lives in the regions of the Celebes Sea, between Philippines and Indonesia.

The scientific name of the squid worm is teuthidodrilus.

It has an unusual appearance, its body measures around 9 cm is very little.

The young specimens are transparent, and the adults are dark brown and are covered by a gelatinous structure. It was discovered in the year of 2007.

They live about 2000 to 2900 meters above the ocean floor.


Now the shoebill. The shoebill is a very big bird like the stork. Live in the east of Africa in large marshes from Sudan to Zambia. It derives its name from its great shoe-shaped peak, It has a general shape similar to a stork. The adult is mainly gray while the juveniles are more brown. This species is considered one of the five most desired birds in Africa by ornithologists. The scientific name of shoebill is Balaeniceps rex.





Leopard and holl - Biel and Martí


The leopard is from african savanna. The leopard is a feline that climbs trees, eats animals but its favorite food is the impara.

They do not hunt in a herd.

this is leopard puppy


                                      AND HOLL


The holl lives in forests in Madagascar. It is a carnivore mammal.

At night it enters on farms and eats sheeps.

this is a holl's puppy.

The leopard is bigger than the holl.

The leopard is faster than the holl.

The leopard has more colors than the holl

The leopard has a mustache but the holl does not.

Here you have a video to watch: